In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue”…and in our lifetime man sailed to another new world, the moon.

In the last fifty years our televisions have grown from thirteen inches to eighty-five, our telephones have lost their wires, typewriters now have a RETURN BUTTON and our photos are instantly “developed.” In the last fifty years the human DNA code has been mapped and countless avenues are open in the quest to cure illness.

It has been nearly 50 years since we took that giant step from high school graduation to whom we are today. Of course, we don’t feel fifty years older, or at least not until until we are reminded that 1970 is just about a half of a century ago. Certainly on graduation night someone put us in the De Lorean, charged up the “flux capacitor” and thrust us ahead. Fifty….really? Some update must have messed with our Calendar app or corrupted Alexa. Right?

Our appearance may have changed, but we have experiences and memories to share with our friends from those fifty years. These Experiences and Memories are invaluable gifts to the rest of your fellow mates of 1970.

We really want all from the LaSalle 1970 class celebrate who we have become and enrich a night in August with your presence.

Green and White, come on let's GO!