Postponed - LA SALLE 1970 - 50TH CLASS REUNION

Sorry, registration has ended.

Due to the ramifications by the COVID19 virus and an assessment of unknowns in the August time frame resulted in the committee, regrettably, recommending that the subject re-union plans be cancelled. Actions will be taken shortly to return monies sent by classmates planning to attend. The planning committee would like to thank all the contributor to this effort. Tempered by almost seventy years of life experience a piece of Ribonucleic acid (RNA) around 125 nanometers (ie 125 billionths of a meter) should only mean that plans to celebrate our collective benchmark have been delayed. To all of you who wish, the planning committee invites your input regarding your willingness to attend of a replacement event, post vaccine development. Until then stay safe/stay healthy

  • Date: 5/20/2020 02:17 PM


Do you remember Brother Henry? Sr. Nora? Srs. Ambrosina or Miguela?  Fr. Heles? And who can forget Glee Club, the Snow Ball, and detention?